An Overview of Bank Products

Why Consider the Use of Bank Products?

The utilization of Bank Products have become influential in a Tax Office’s ability to retain existing clients and grow from season to season. For Tax Professionals and their clients alike, increased demand for Bank Products is clearly due to the many benefits they provide. With the valuable services that Bank Products offer, they should definitely be considered for any high-volume office and leveraged where needed. To view the features of the Top Rated Bank Products for 2020 and their comparisons, check out the Top Bank Products Comparison 2020 for key details and differences. Also, take a look below at the essential features of each bank.

How Does Your Tax Office Benefit?

Bank Products provide cash-access to Tax Professionals via fee-based, non-interest bearing business cash advances. Before tax season begins, Pre-Season Cash Advances are made available by the Bank to help fund any marketing costs incurred by Tax Offices that help attract new clients and retain current ones. During the season, In-Season Cash Advances can also be leveraged to manage operating costs such as salaries and other expenses. Bank Products provide these fee-based, non-interest bearing loans along with other valuable tools and incentives that help drive a high-volume Tax Office.

How Do Your Taxpayers Benefit?

Bank Products provide a variety of beneficial features to taxpayers. Firstly, with all Bank Product use, there is no need for taxpayers to pay any upfront fees due to the Tax Office; these fees later get deducted from the client’s tax return when funded. Secondly, taxpayers gain access to their refund through a variety of convenient disbursement options: Debit Card, Money Card, Check, or Direct Deposit. More progressive Bank Product companies on our list provide even more options like Taxpayer Cash Advances at reasonable fees. The more options Tax Professionals offer their clients, the more likely they will retain them and attract new ones.

*Note — Bank Product approval decisions for Pre-Season Loans, In-Season Loans, and Cash Advances are not based on Credit Scores. Approvals are based on program parameters set by each individual bank.

Top Bank Product Features 2020



  • Up to $18,000 in pre-season business cash advance if you are a returning TPG client.
  • In-Season Prep Fee Advance: Receive 70% of your requested fees within 24 hours of IRS acceptance (up to $400 per return), maxed at $150,000.
  • Up to $5000 taxpayer cash advance for your clients, plus an additional $1000 with Advance Plus (interest-bearing).
  • Payment options such as Walmart MoneyCard for quick cash access.
  •  Integrated with all Top Software for 2020.
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  •  Up to $25,000 in pre-season business cash advance.
  • In-Season Prep Fee Advance: Receive up to 50% of fees within 24 hours of IRS acceptance (up to $400 per return), maxed at $75,000.
  • Up to $5000 taxpayer cash advance for your clients, plus an additional $1000.