Drake Professional Tax Software
drake tax software reviews
drake professional tax software reviews

Drake Professional Tax Software has maintained a reputable position in the professional tax preparation industry for several years. The company was established in 1977, with its headquarters in Franklin, North Carolina. In our Drake tax software review, we found that Drake has proven to consistently provide the functional tools needed for tax professionals to successfully run their tax businesses with minor areas for potential improvement. We highlighted some of Drake tax software integrations, popular features, and what makes it the reliable software it is below.

Drake Professional Tax Software – Noteworthy Features

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In our reviews, we found that Drake meets the needs of professional tax preparers in furnishing advanced & useful tools such as Drake Accounting software, which also suffices as Drake payroll software. Drake Accounting is the Drake payroll software integration that Drake professional software has optimized to be its latest and most advanced in computer technology. Drake accounting 2024 assists tax professionals in the management of basic client financial records via double-entry accounting. There is a range of useful modules to Drake accounting pro that are aimed at accuracy, simplicity and speed. Download a Drake software demo below to try it out.

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GruntWorx is another timesaving feature that is integrated with Drake Professional Tax Software. GruntWorx can handle most tax office document organization and data entry, freeing tax professionals from time wasted on a clearly tedious task. Based on our Drake software review, we find that GruntWorx is a valuable feature that tax professionals may find worthwhile as it saves them time and is easy-to-use.

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Drake SecureFile Pro is a file sharing web portal aimed at simplifying the file exchange between client and preparer. Although it is not a smartphone or tablet app, the feature is useful and functional. By simply uploading PDFs through the Drake online tax software integration, documents are more conveniently accessed by clients, and tax professionals can spend much less time managing paperwork, giving them more time to build their business.

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Drake E-Pay allows tax professionals to collect payment for their services via client credit/debit cards. With this integration, tax preparers only need to click the e-Pay icon located in the Drake Professional Tax Software toolbar to process any payments. No credit card reader is required, although some tax offices may choose to use one.

Bank product integration allows professional tax preparers to enjoy and offer their clients a variety of services and benefits such as cash advances, start-up loans, debit cards, and more. In our Drake software reviews, we found that tax professionals prefer to use the software with bank products as it helps them attract more clients due to the benefits that bank products provide.

To conclude, our Drake tax software reviews find that

Drake tax software can benefit from more useful features

such as smartphone/tablet apps as an upgrade to the currently outdated web portal. Although Drake does a good job at keeping the functionality of these features simple, a bit more current and user-friendly technology goes a long way for tax professionals and their clients alike. Despite these slight areas of potential improvement, Drake income tax software has surely earned the right to be positioned in our 2024 best professional tax software products. Before committing to use Drake tax software, download the demo below.

It’s also a great idea to review Drake software bank products

integrations/limitations on our Bank Products page as well.

Before deciding to use Drake, we suggest you download a Drake tax software demo. This way you can get a Drake software free trial and get familiar with it before making a purchase.

We also suggest you read Drake accounting reviews if you’re considering using it with

the income tax software.

When it comes time to purchase, you can buy Drake tax software from the main developer or a service bureau; the difference is usually the package it’s offered within, including extra services provided as well as overall value/pricing. After you make up your mind on whether you’re going to use the desktop version or the Drake online tax preparation version (web-based), we suggest you compare packages and prices carefully before making a commitment. And beforehand, we remind you again to get a Drake tax software download of a demo.

Drake Desk & Web-based Features


  • All federal and state business income tax returns.
  • Converts your old files into your new software.
  • Client Write-Up accounting package with modules for 94X series forms, payroll, bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable.
  • Joint vs. Separate Report – compare filing statuses.


  • Allows you to manage all of your offices from anywhere with online access.
  • Step-by-Step Interview Method or the Forms Method.
  • Zero install, zero updates, and zero backups.
  • Includes as many State and Federal returns as you need, as well as e-filing, printing, and long-term online storage.