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Taxwise Professional Tax Software has been around for generations. The company, located in Kennesaw, GA, operates on an international scale, supporting professionals in various industries. The Wolters Kluwer company profile includes services in legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, and several others. For professional tax preparers,

the company furnishes TaxWise professional software.

Although TaxWise delivers on being easy-to-use, it does seem to fall behind when it comes to innovation and keeping up with technological advancements. In our TaxWise software reviews, tax professionals may find that the software trails other tax software in terms of its overall features.

TaxWise professional tax software could definitely improve its functionality

in terms of time-saving integrations and client-friendly technology.

TaxWise Noteworthy Features

The notable, yet simple features of TaxWise tax software include:

the diagnostics tool which allows the preparer to find and correct any E-filing errors, the “What if?” mode that tests a variety of tax scenarios, and 60+ bilingual forms for Spanish-speaking clients. In our professional tax software reviews, we found that even though these internal tools are convenient,

the overall features of TaxWise tax preparation software are basic

in comparison to the more robust external support provided by other top-ranked software.

TaxWise software free download
taxwise reviews
TaxWise software free download

In our TaxWise reviews, we found that TaxWise software misses on the opportunity to provide more advanced hardware and application integrations for the benefit of both tax preparers and their clients. Examples of such features include the signature pad found in both Drake and CrossLink, as well as the handheld scanner found exclusively in CrossLink. Time-saving hardware integrations like these can really make a difference in how quickly tax preparers communicate and gather information from their clients.

However, on a positive note, TaxWise has recently introduced a mobile application that TaxWise professionals can use for their clients to enter information, upload and sign documents from the comfort of their homes. It’s supported on both smartphones and tablets. However, this mobile application is only available for the online TaxWise (web-based) users and isn’t yet available for the downloadable desktop version of the software.

All in all, in our TaxWise tax software reviews,we find that the Wolters Kluwer’s pro tax software delivers on simplicity, but not on providing the advanced time-saving and convenient technology that professionals should expect in this day in age. We hope TaxWise professionals/developers at Wolters Kluwer realize this when it comes time to update and launch TaxWise 2021 software. It is therefore in our opinion that TaxWise tax software surely has plenty of room for improvement in the tax seasons to come. Remember to visit our website next season for continuously updated TaxWise reviews as well as other industry-leading software reviews, comparisons, and software demos. In the meantime, if you would like a free TaxWise demo, just click the link below to get a free TaxWise download of a demo.

Before you commit to using TaxWise professional tax software for the upcoming season,

we suggest you get a TaxWise software free download of a demo from our website to decide whether or not TaxWise software would be a good fit for your tax business. Our website can also provides reviews, other software demos, as well as software and bank product comparisons.

Desktop and Online TaxWise Features


  • What if mode: Test any number of hypothetical tax scenarios for your clients.
  • Create a return without SSN and then add it once you have it.
  • Diagnostics system also warns of possible inconsistencies.
  • Calculations are made instantly with every entry.
  • Conversion software for most tax packages.


  • No installation or update required. The program resides on a secure server and is updated automatically.
  • Client data is safe and secure on our IRS-compliant system.
  • Prepare returns, e-file, print returns and print checks from anywhere.
  • Spanish forms available.
  • Conversion software for most tax packages.