drake tax software review

TaxSlayer is a reputable Professional Tax Software that provides a simple-to-use platform for Tax Professionals with useful document management and forms review capabilities.  Although TaxSlayer provides a simple-use platform, it could be lacking in key areas that may be important to Tax Professionals looking to stay ahead of the competition.

TaxSlayer Noteworthy Features

TaxSlayer is successful in furnishing the basic instruments provided by most Professional Tax Software companies: All-Inclusive Federal and State Packages, Bank Product Integration, and Customer Support. TaxSlayer did go as far as adding a Taxpayer Mobile App, however their technology still lacks in comparison to other reputable software ( See Professional Tax Software Comparison Chart). When put up against the other Top Ranked Software for 2019, TaxSlayer comes up short in providing key features that may help tax professionals save more time and money, as well as retain more clients.

TaxSlayer Desk & Web-based Features


  • Unlimited 1040 Program.
  • Corporate Tax Software.
  • Comprehensive Depreciation Module.
  • Free Unlimited E-Filing.


  • Cloud-based 1040 program.
  • Docu scan and storage.
  • Web bank integration.
  • Free tutorials and support.
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