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Crosslink reviews

CrossLink has been a trusted and leading provider of Professional Tax Software solutions for professional tax preparers since 1989. Headquartered in Tracy, CA, CrossLink Professional Tax Software has proven its dedication in enabling professional tax preparers’ success year after year. CrossLink’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and practical solutions is what keeps it in first place in our Professional Tax Preparation Software Reviews.

CrossLink Professional Tax Software – Noteworthy Features

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In our CrossLink Tax Software reviews, CrossLink apps such as the ERO Mobile App & Tax Payer Mobile App have proven their value to CrossLink Professional Tax Software users. These user-friendly applications certainly simplify client-to-preparer communications while speeding up information/document collection as well. Additionally, the apps have a very familiar feel to them as well as being convenient and simple to use. Compare professional tax software features.

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Further delivering on logistics speed and simplicity, CrossLink Professional Tax Software supports integration with Signature Pad and Handheld Scanner integrations. In our CrossLink tax software reviews, we found that both the Signature Pad and Handheld Scanner are used to remove the hassle of copying, printing, and maintaining physical files, forms, or other documents that do not require prints. Both of these features save tax preparers time during the client interview process while also speeding up the processing of tax returns. With digital signature capability and speedier information retrieval, CrossLink professional tax solutions are faster and much more convenient in comparison to other professional tax software solutions.

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Another great feature

CrossLink Tax Software provides is its Multi Office Management platform.

With multi-tier licenses, known as feeders, growing-offices can more easily expand their business to other locations. By branching out from the main software license, all the multi-tier licenses at other locations feedback to the main license. In our CrossLink reviews, we found that this infrastructure allowed for simplifying the management of multiple locations and gave thousands of professional tax preparers the chance to further expand their business at other locations without having to buy a separate regular license for each. This CrossLink tax preparation software multi-office capability also comes with customizable authority features for preparing and submitting as well. To get a hands-on feel for Crosslink, download a demo below!

After you get a CrossLink tax software free download of a demo and decide that you’re surely going to make CrossLink tax professional software your tax preparation companion during the season, we suggest you make up your mind on whether you want to purchase it from the main provider or a CrossLink service bureau. While the software is more or less the exact same, the software package price and bank product fees might differ depending on the deal you’re getting. This is why it’s important to compare the offers you have before you make your choice.

All in all, CrossLink Tax Tech Solutions LLC leads the industry in terms of progressive,

time-saving features. Its ability to provide above par solutions year in and year out have granted them first place on our list of the best professional income tax software. With that being said, make sure to download the CrossLink Tax Software demo before making a commitment.

You don’t have to just rely on our CrossLink tax software review; you can also try the software yourself by downloading a CrossLink tax software demo. Get the demo below:

CrossLink Desk & Web-based Features


  • Work-in-Progress Screen for instant status of returns, acknowledgements, rejects and check prints.
  • Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™ takes you directly to errors for quick fixes.
  • Easy-to-use forms-based input.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • All federal and state forms supported.


  • Quick office set-up.
  • Eliminates need for desktop support.
  • Permission-based administration of offices and individual preparers.
  • Customizable reports by location and individual tax prepare.
  • Secure SSL Login.