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CrossLink tax preparation software has been a trusted tax software provider since the 1980s. Headquartered in Tracy, CA; CrossLink has a large client base thanks to its user-friendly interface which offers both simplicity and efficiency. In this article, you’ll learn more about CrossLink, as well as its key features.

CrossLink features a robust, user-friendly interface that has everything you’d look for in a tax software. Whether your main focus is individual returns or business returns; CrossLink will have you covered. The good thing about CrossLink is that it doesn’t have separate tools for different tax preparation needs. It has everything packed in one easy-to-use tool.

Easy to Use
CrossLink’s most preferred feature is its user-interface simplicity. Unlike other software products, you won’t have to guess anything on tax returns. It comes with a point-and-shoot error-solving mechanism that points out what’s wrong or missing on a tax return and guides you through the process of fixing it. The software will also give you instructions, even with the simplest of tasks.

Signature Pads and Handheld Scanners
In our CrossLink Tax Software reviews, we found that the software supports these gadgets impressively. If you’re running a high-volume office or you’re just trying to adopt paperless technologies to enhance the flow of your business; these gadgets are a must-have.

Mobile Apps
CrossLink has two apps: TaxPass, which can be used by taxpayers to send documents straight to tax professionals’ CrossLink tax software and check returns’ progress and ERO-Go is the other app, made for tax professionals. Both applications are customizable, fully integrated with the software, and easy to use.

Expand Without Fears
Some software products aren’t growth-friendly due to their multiple-tool setup, which makes it hard for EROs to grow their business or even change to a system that allows expansion. CrossLink offers Multi-location Support, also known as Feeder License. This type of license allows you to:
– Choose preparers’ privileges and access levels. – Decide everything they can and cannot do through their accounts.
– Choose which offices can print checks and which offices can’t
– Everything transmitted through a feeder license goes directly to your main office’s software for a final review before transmitting to the IRS.
Before you decide whether or not CrossLink is a good fit for your business, we suggest you get a CrossLink Tax Software free download of a demo. This can help you determine whether or not it meets your needs and if its interface is what you’d like to rely on during the tax season.