CrossLink Tax Software Free Download and Features

CrossLink Tax Software Free Download and Features 300 251 admin

Crosslink Tax Tech Solutions LLC has been one of the tax industry’s most trusted names thanks to its software’s simplicity and capability. In this short article, you’ll get a brief about CrossLink and what makes it one of the industry’s leading software products.

Crosslink Tax Professional Software combines all the software features you’d look for in one software. Some software products have a separate tool for each feature, but that’s not the case with CrossLink. All the features are conveniently found in one easy-to-use product.

Key Features
Crosslink Tax Preparation Software features a user-friendly interface that comes with a point-and-shoot error solving mechanism, which points out missing and/or wrong information. It also supports signature pads and handheld scanners flawlessly, which saves time and money. CrossLink Professional Tax Software comes with not only one; but two mobile apps for communication as well as sending and receiving documents.