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TaxWise professional tax software has been one of the tax software products for decades. In this article, you’ll learn more about TaxWise noteworthy features and its pros and cons. At the end of the article, you’ll learn how to get a free download to try it yourself.


Bilingual Forms:
TaxWise comes with over 60 bilingual forms. This feature is most useful for tax preparers that don’t feel comfortable with English.

Diagnostics Tool:
TaxWise tax software features a self-explanatory user-interface. It comes with a point-and-shoot error solving mechanism, also known as the Diagnostics Tool. This tool will leave you no guesswork to go through. It’ll point out the wrong and/or missing information on tax returns and guide you through the process of fixing the errors. This tool saves time and makes it easier for tax professionals to prepare more returns and worry less about what could go wrong.

‘What If’ Mode
With the ‘What If’ Mode, you can emulate actual tax preparation scenarios to get a better understanding of how the software works and calculates in different scenarios. While TaxWise software reviews mention this as a ‘demo return’ tool, it could make your actual tax preparation process faster.

Mobile App
TaxWise professional tax software recently rolled out a mobile app for both taxpayers and tax preparers to communicate through. This app can be customized with your own logo and information and can be used by taxpayers to send documents and track return progress. It can be accessed, not only via smartphones, but any device with a supported web browser. This makes it easier for people that aren’t tech-savvy to access the app and use it.

Third Party Gadgets Lack of Support
Third party gadgets such as signature pads and handheld scanners are a must-have; especially for high-volume tax offices and paperless businesses. These gadgets help save time and money. In our TaxWise tax software reviews, we found that TaxWise would be much better if it supported these gadgets. We believe TaxWise will eventually support them, however, they are moving at a slower pace when compared to competitors.

Before you decide whether or not TaxWise would fit your needs, we suggest you download a demo of the software from our website for free. Get to see the software and how it works before you make your choice. Good luck!