Taxwise Professional Tax Software

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TaxWise professional tax software has been a popular name in the tax industry thanks to the various solutions offered by Wolters Kluwer. In this article, we’ll help you identify its pros and cons to help you decide whether or not it’d suit your business. 

In our TaxWise tax software reviews, we found that the software comes with several appealing features such as the Diagnostics Tool, which points out what’s wrong or missing on tax returns, the ‘What If’ Mode, which emulates real tax scenarios, as well as 60 bilingual forms for tax pros that don’t feel most comfortable with English. TaxWise recently introduced a mobile app, which can be fully customized. The app can be used to send and receive documents as well as track return progress.

Although the software continues to develop, it still falls behind in a few areas. In our TaxWise reviews, we found that it doesn’t support third party gadgets such as signature pads and handheld scanners. Such gadgets are a must-have, especially for high-volume offices. Because of the demand for such technology, perhaps TaxWise might start to support them soon.

Before you decide whether or not it’d suit your business, we suggest you get a TaxWise software free download of a demo to try the software and see how it works.