Best Features as Found in our CrossLink Tax Software Reviews

Best Features as Found in our CrossLink Tax Software Reviews 300 251 admin

CrossLink Professional Tax Software is one of the most popular tax software products in the tax industry. Headquartered in Tracy, CA; CrossLink has a wide client base thanks to its smooth, solid interface, which offers efficiency and simplicity in one product. In this article, we’ll go through CrossLink’s main features, what makes it a reliable software, as well as how to get a demo before you make a choice.

Crosslink Tax Preparation Software has everything packed in one product. While this may not seem like a big plus for most users, it definitely is a great feature, especially for those who use tax software products that have separate tools for certain features. With CrossLink, no matter how simple or complicated the task; you won’t have to go outside CrossLink’s frame.

CrossLink Professional Tax Software comes with a user-friendly interface. Packed with a point-and-shoot error solving mechanism, you won’t have to do any guess work. CrossLink’s verification tool will check every return upon completion, point out errors, and guide you through the process of fixing them with a few clicks. 

Third-party Gadgets.
In our CrossLink Tax Software reviews, we found that tax offices nowadays rely on gadgets such as signature pads and handheld scanners. These gadgets are expected to replace paper in the near future. CrossLink supports these gadgets flawlessly. So, whether you run a high-volume office or you’re just trying to adopt paperless technologies, CrossLink will deliver.

Mobile Apps
CrossLink comes with two mobile applications:
TaxPass is a mobile app designed for taxpayers to send documents through and check the progress of their returns.
ERO-Go is CrossLink’s app for tax professionals. This app is used to keep track of received documents and return statuses on the go.

Expand As You Go
If you’re willing to expand your business in the future, CrossLink won’t hinder your growth and you won’t have to migrate to a new system. CrossLink comes with a multi-office setup, also known as ‘Feeder Licenses’, which allows you to:
– Choose preparers’ privileges and access levels. – – Choose which offices can print checks and which offices can’t
– Everything transmitted through a feeder license goes directly to your main office’s software for a final review before transmitting to the IRS.

If you’re considering CrossLink, we strongly suggest you get a CrossLink download of a demo so you can see how the software operates before you make a choice. You can download software demos from our website for free.