Crosslink Tax Software Reviews

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CrossLink Professional Tax Software has been one of the top-rated software products in the tax industry. Headquartered in Tracy, California; CrossLink has gained a loyal client base thanks to its robust interface, which delivers efficiency and accuracy at once. In this article, you’ll learn more about CrossLink and its key features. We’ll also help you download a demo to try the software before you decide whether or not to purchase it.

One Product
Crosslink Tax Preparation Software offers efficiency and simplicity at the same time. One of the most appealing features of CrossLink is how it has all the features, no matter how simple or complicated, packed in one software product. Some software providers prefer to have separate tools/integrations for certain functions; but this is not the case with CrossLink. 

CrossLink Professional Tax Software features a simple, easy-to-use interface that comes with a point-and-shoot error solving mechanism. With such a feature, you don’t have to do any guess work as it points out missing and/or wrong information and guides you through the process of fixing the errors. 

Third Party Gadgets
In our CrossLink Tax Software reviews, we found that third party gadgets such as signature pads and handheld scanners are a must-have, especially for high-volume tax offices and tax businesses that lean towards paperless technologies. Fortunately, CrossLink supports these gadgets flawlessly.

Mobile Applications
CrossLink comes with not just one mobile app, but two. TaxPass is  for taxpayers to send their documents and check the progress of their returns through, and ERO-Go is a mobile app designed for tax professionals to keep track of their received documents and return progress on the go. Both apps can be customized and are compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Feeder Licenses
If expanding your business to more than one location is one of your future plans, CrossLink will not stop or hinder your business’ growth. It comes with a multi-location setup, also known as ‘Feeder Licenses’. This type of setup allows you to:
– Choose preparers’ privileges and access levels. –
– Choose which offices can print checks and which offices can’t
– Everything transmitted through a feeder license goes directly to your main office’s software for a final review before transmitting to the IRS.

Before you decide whether or not CrossLink it’s right for your tax business, we suggest you get a CrossLink download of a demo so you can see how the software works and decide whether or not it suits your needs. You can get a demo from our website for free!