CrossLink Tax Software Reviews You Need to Read Before You Purchase Your Software

CrossLink Tax Software Reviews You Need to Read Before You Purchase Your Software 300 251 admin

CrossLink tax software has been the trusted choice of thousands of tax offices nationwide since the 1980s. Thanks to its constant development, customer support, and vast variety of options, CrossLink has successfully secured a loyal and growing client-base. In this article, we will cover some of the aspects that make such a great software, such as its user-interface, gadget support, multi-location possibilities, and bank product integration. We’ll also discuss how to maximize your potential with all the features it has to offer.

The first and probably most appealing find in our CrossLink tax software reviews is its user-friendly interface. It features three modes (form-based mode, interview mode, and estimator mode) that help you add forms, remove forms, and navigate through your entries seamlessly. Unlike other software products on the market, you won’t have to figure out what you did wrong on your own. The software comes with a point-and-shoot error solving tool that points out what’s wrong or missing on a tax return and guides you through the process of fixing it. It’s also important to note that some software May sacrifice other areas when providing useful tools, however in our CrossLink tax software reviews, we did not find that these simple features compromised any other area.
One of the most sought after features in any software product is third-party gadget support, which CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions furnishes flawlessly. It supports signature pads and hand-held scanners, which are a must-have if you run a high-volume tax office or you happen to deal with everything physically rather than remotely. These paperless options help you save time, money, and effort. However, if you prefer dealing with your clients remotely, CrossLink tax software still has you covered.
With the remote features it provides, you can have your clients sign their bank documents and tax returns from anywhere, regardless of how tech-savvy or novice they are. You can send the final tax return with a click of a button and they can view it and sign it by just clicking the link they received. If your clients have basic knowledge of how to use a smart-phone, CrossLink has a mobile application called TaxPass, which your clients can use to send you their W-2s, enter their data manually and send you other forms straight to your software, where you can instantly open their file and work on it. With such a feature, copying PDFs sent via email manually is a thing of the past. ERO-Go is another application that comes with CrossLink, which allows you to manage your business from anywhere, communicate with taxpayers, as well as run reports of different criteria, all on your mobile device.
If you decide to expand your business at any point and start more offices working under you, CrossLink offers you the perfect set-up. With its multi-tier structure support, it offers feeder licenses, which you can purchase to run a number of offices, customize their accessibility, and have everything sent to the main office for review. Or you can run each office on its own, without directing its work to the main office. The good thing about multi-location support is its customization level, which helps you run your business based on your own preferences with no restrictions whatsoever.
CrossLink supports bank product integration, where you can have your clients pay your preparation fees from their refunds instead of paying upfront, as well as several other benefits both you and them can enjoy, such as: cash advances, start-up loans, debit cards, and more.
Now that you know what you would be getting with this software after reading our CrossLink tax software review, there is not much more to go through. You can try the software yourself before you make a choice by requesting a CrossLink tax software download of a demo. If you do not know where to get one, our website can help.
Finally, you need to decide whether to buy the software from the main provider or a service bureau. Pricing from each can be different when it comes to software price, bank product rates, and more.
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