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How to Boost Your Tax Business with Drake Tax Software Solutions

How to Boost Your Tax Business with Drake Tax Software Solutions 300 251 admin

Drake Tax Software has been providing professional tax services and solutions since the late 1970s. In this article, we will cover what makes it a great software for tax pros, areas for improvement, and how you can use Drake income tax software’s integrations to maximize your potential and boost your tax business.

Income Tax Software:
Drake income tax software features an easy-to-use system that is capable of meeting complex tax preparation demands. The software has garnered a loyal client-base due to its simplicity, real-time process tracking, scheduling tools, and a list of useful integrations. Although there’s room for improvement in a few areas, such as a mobile application to facilitate communication between tax preparers and taxpayers, it is still the choice of thousands of tax offices nationwide.

Drake Accounting Software:
Drake Accounting is designed to help tax preparers access and manage their clients’ financial records more accurately and easily using double-entry accounting. It can be used to enter invoices, print vendor checks, and enter vendor invoice information for accounting purposes. In our Drake Accounting reviews, we found out that there are several different modules used through this application of which Drake has optimized to be its most advanced integration yet.

Another great tool by Drake Tax Software is GruntWorx. This integration saves time and money by eliminating and automating tedious tasks, such as data-entry and manual document organization by using the latest Optical Character Recognition data extraction technologies. Accuracy is not compromised since the service is also supported by human review to make sure everything is the way it should be. With such a tool, all you have to do is upload documents and let the integration do the work for you.

SecureFile Pro:
SecureFile Pro is a web-based platform that was designed to allow tax preparers and taxpayers to exchange confidential documents easily and securely. Since it is web-based, it does not require special system requirements. It can run on any device that has an internet browser. With this tool, your office can go paperless, and save time on several tasks such as printing returns or emailing return copies to taxpayers.

Drake Documents:
Drake Documents is an electronic filing tool for storing documents efficiently and securely. It integrates perfectly with SecureFile Pro and Drake Income Tax software. With Drake Documents, taxpayer confidentiality secured; it protects files with passwords and allows admins to track files’ activity. And on a green note, the integration allows for less paper usage and handling.

Drake E-Pay:
E-Pay is a module that was developed by Drake and EPS Financial to allow tax preparers to collect service fees via taxpayers’ debit and credit cards.. It is located on the software’s toolbar, and can be used with a click of a button. It is important to note that this module can be used regardless of which bank product is integrated with the software. Although a card-reader is not required, you do have the option to integrate one if you prefer.

Bank Products:
Drake Software supports Bank Product integration. It can be used with not only EPS Financial, but a wide variety of other Bank Products. When you decide whether to purchase the software from the main provider or a reseller, you should consider asking them what bank options they provide, and then compare service prices before you decide which one to use.

Lastly, the best thing to do before making a final choice on your software is to get a Drake software download of a demo to decide whether or not it meets your demands. If you still cannot decide and want to know more about competitor software products, we can help.

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