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Drake Professional Tax Software has been one of the industry-leading software products since the 1970s. Headquartered in Franklin, NC, Drake is trusted by thousands of tax businesses nationwide thanks to its simple, intuitive interface that can handle the most complex of returns, as well as the various integrations that you can use to offer more services, make more money and grow your business. In this article, we’ll go through all the integrations of Drake to help you decide whether or not Drake would be a good fit for your tax business.

Drake comes with an easy-to-use interface that you can rely on, no matter what your tax preparation needs are. Whether your main focus is individual returns or business returns, Drake will deliver. It also comes with several other integrations that you can use to grow your business.

Drake Accounting
Drake Accounting is an integration you can use to manage payroll and financial records. It uses a double-entry accounting mechanism, which guarantees accuracy. In our Drake professional tax software reviews, we found that it’s rather easy-to-use, unlike other complicated accounting tools and integrations offered by other software providers.

GruntWorx: Time is Money
Who would want to waste their precious time doing data entry and organizing documents when you could be making more money preparing tax returns? With GruntWorx, you can choose your preferred service, upload your documents, and let it handle the time-consuming work for you while you put your time to better use.

Sharing Documents with SecureFile Pro
Most software products these days have a mobile app for taxpayers and tax professionals to communicate through. Drake’s SecureFile Pro is a web-based portal that can be accessed via any device with a supported web browser. Tax professionals can send, receive, and store documents securely with this integration. In our Drake software review, we found that it would’ve been better if it were a mobile app, however, it still works perfectly the way it currently is.

Getting Paid with Drake E-Pay
You can get paid however you like with Drake’s payment collecting integration; Drake E-Pay. It allows tax professionals to collect payments via debit and credit cards, either virtually or physically.

Different Version
Drake comes in two versions; the desktop version, which works on Windows computers, and the Drake online tax software, also known as the web-based or cloud-based version. Both versions support most tax forms, however, Drake’s desktop version was designed to handle more complex returns.