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Drake Professional Tax Software has been one of the most trusted software products since the 1970s. Headquartered in Franklin, North Carolina, Drake gained a loyal client base thanks to its capable interface, as well as the handful of integrations that can help you offer more services and grow. In this article, you’ll learn more about Drake tax software and its integrations.

Everything You Need
Drake comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that delivers no matter what your needs are. Whether you’d like to focus on individual returns or business returns, it’ll have you covered. It also comes with a bunch of integrations that you can use to grow your business and offer more services; even after tax season.
Manage Payroll with Drake Accounting
Drake Accounting is an integration you can use to manage financial records and payroll via double-entry accounting. In our Drake professional tax software reviews, we found that unlike other accounting tools and software products, Drake Accounting is rather simple, yet doesn’t cut down on accuracy. You can use this tool to expand your business and offer more services, during and after the tax season.

Save Time with GruntWorx
With GruntWorx, you can save your time on tedious tasks such as organizing documents and data-entry. This use of this integration is as simple as logging in, choosing your service, and letting it do the work for you.
SecureFile Pro: Share Documents Securely and Privately
Serious tax software providers that aim for longevity usually have a communication medium for taxpayers and tax professionals. This is usually in the format of a mobile app, which can be used for exchanging documents, tracking return progress, and more. Drake’s communication medium is called SecureFile Pro. It’s a web-based portal that can be used for sharing documents securely and privately. In our Drake professional tax software reviews, we found that while it functions perfectly as a web portal, though it could’ve been more modern if it were a mobile app.

Get Paid How You Like
Drake E-Pay is the company’s integration for collecting payments. You can use this tool to collect payments via debit and credit card. It works virtually, and you can also keep a physical card reader sitting at your desk if you prefer.

Different Version
Drake comes in two versions; the desktop version, which runs on Windows OS devices, and the Drake online tax preparation version, also known as web-based. Both versions support most tax forms, however, the Drake desktop version was designed to handle more complex returns. In our Drake software review we found that users that don’t require business return support and want to work from anywhere usually pick the web-based, while businesses that work from offices and need business return support pick the desktop version. It all depends on what you’re looking for.