How to Choose Your Software For The Upcoming Tax Season – List of Professional Tax Software

How to Choose Your Software For The Upcoming Tax Season – List of Professional Tax Software 300 251 admin

Whether you already have professional tax software or you are new to the tax industry, it is always important to know what other software products offer.  In this article, we will go through a list of professional tax software products that set new quality standards every day and discuss the key-features and shortcomings of each to help you make an informed choice.


CrossLink Tax Software


In our CrossLink professional tax software reviews, we were impressed with what the software had to offer.  CrossLink’s user-friendly interface makes the tax preparation process intuitive and virtually effortless in comparison to other software products. It comes with 3 modes; form-based, interview mode, and estimator mode. It is also known for having a point-and-shoot error solving tool that guides you through the errors on a tax return and the process of fixing them, step-by-step. The software also supports third-party gadgets like signature pads and hand-held scanners, which can be useful to high volume offices that need to save time and become eco-friendly by going paperless. Whether you are looking for a physical gadget to save time on such tasks or you want to do it remotely, CrossLink has you covered either way. TaxPass Mobile App can be used by taxpayers to send, receive, and sign documents from the comfort of their homes, and can be customized as well. Lastly, it supports multi-location offices, with its feeder license system, which allows tax-preparers operating more than one location to have everything sent to their main offices for review. Tax preparers can choose to operate each office with an EFIN of its own, which is possible as well. CrossLink works with bank products, which would be beneficial for both taxpayers and preparers.


We have yet to find any noteworthy drawbacks to any of the software’s features, or lack thereof, thanks to the constant development it gets to stay ahead of the industry


Drake Tax Software


Drake is one of the best tax software for professionals with complex tax preparation demands. It features a user-friendly interface with real-time process tracking, scheduling tools, and a handful of integrations that make tax preparation easier and more time-saving. Drake has several integrations like:

Drake Accounting: an integration that is designed to help tax preparers manage taxpayers’ financial records more efficiently and accurately.
SecureFile Pro: a web-based platform that allows tax preparers and taxpayers to exchange confidential documents securely.
Drake Documents: an electronic filing tool for storing and accessing documents securely and easily.
GruntWorx: a tool that saves time and money by eliminating and automating tedious tasks such as data-entry and manual document organization.
– Drake E-Pay: a module that was developed by Drake Tax Software and EPS Financial to allow tax offices to collect fees via debit and credit cards.

Drake pro tax software integrates flawlessly with bank products but comes with a few minor drawbacks.


Drake lacks a mobile app, which would significantly facilitate communication between taxpayers and preparers. It also does not come with remote signature support. Other than that, it is one of the top professional tax software products on the market.




TaxWise comes with an easy-to-use interface that was primarily made for tax businesses with complex tax preparation needs. It comes with a Diagnostics Tool that points out what is wrong on a return and guides through the process of fixing it, a What If Mode that emulates different tax scenarios, and Form-based and Interview Modes. TaxWise also has a mobile application that can be used on any smart-phone, tablet, or any device with an internet browser to enhance communication and save time for both taxpayers and preparers. It also works with bank products, which can be useful for tax businesses and taxpayers.


Although TaxWise is considered to be one of the best professional tax preparer software products on the market, it does have room for improvement.  The software does not support third-party gadgets like signature pads and hand-held scanners. The interface, although user-friendly, looks a bit dated and could be developed to be more intuitive.

Making the Right Choice

The best way to make an informed decision is by reviewing  professional stax preparer software comparisons that clearly show the advantages and disadvantages of each software. After you take the time to compare professional tax software and decide which software is the best pro tax software for your needs, pricing comes next.  To compare pricing you first need to decide whether to purchase the software from the main seller or a service bureau. While the software is more or less the same from both avenues, the package options and pricing will differ from each other.

If you still need help, we’ve got you covered! Our website aims to help tax-preparers find the perfect software for their tax businesses by providing detailed reviews, professional tax preparation software comparisons, and demos to help you find the best professional tax preparation software for your tax business. 

We wish you the best of luck this season!