Make A Wise Decision For Your Tax Business: TaxWise Professional Tax Software

Make A Wise Decision For Your Tax Business: TaxWise Professional Tax Software 300 251 admin

Wolters Kluwer has been a trust-worthy name in several industries since the 1980s. The company is known for delivering quality services to professionals in different industries such as tax, accounting, legal, finance, and more. In our TaxWise tax software reviews, we found that it is an efficient software that is easy to use but also has a few areas with room for improvement. In this article, we will cover its advantages/disadvantages and help you make a more informed decision so you’ll be ready for the upcoming tax season.

User Interface:
TaxWise professional tax software comes with an easy-to-use interface that was primarily made for tax businesses with complex tax preparation needs. In terms of simplicity, it will not only guide you through your tax preparation process but will also point out the errors and/or missing information and guide you through the process of fixing them as well. TaxWise comes with several useful features such as:
– Diagnostics Tool: This tool helps point out the errors and guides you through the process of fixing them.
– What If Mode: Emulates different tax scenarios to help you have a better understanding of how tax preparation works.

When it comes to data-entry, TaxWise features two modes:
– Form-based Mode: Generates entry fields that resemble actual forms.
– Interview Mode: Populates required forms based on the tax preparer’s answers to the questions it asks.

Third-party Integrations:
TaxWise is the trusted choice of thousands of tax offices nationwide, but despite that fact, in our TaxWise tax software reviews, we find that its lack of support for third-party gadgets such as signature pads and hand-held scanners is a major drawback. These integrations come in handy for high volume offices that aim to save time and go paperless, and they are supported by other competitive software companies that aim for longevity by supporting every type of tax business. If you do not run a high volume tax office but still need a way to capture the signatures of your clients and have them send and receive documents without them having to come to your office; TaxWise has recently rolled out a mobile app that you can use for such purposes.

Mobile Application:
TaxWise Mobile App was designed to streamline tax preparation and facilitate communication between tax preparers and taxpayers. You can use this application to communicate with your clients remotely, send them return copies, have them sign required documents, and check the status of their returns securely. It is fully integrated with TaxWise and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even any device with an internet browser. 

Bank Product Support:
TaxWise supports bank product integration with several different banks. This comes with many benefits for you and your clients, such as start-up loans, cash advances, debit cards, and more. Bank product pricing might differ from one provider to another depending on a variety of things. We recommend that you compare bank product features and pricing thoroughly before you make a decision. 

All in all, TaxWise is an efficient software that constantly evolves, yet still falls behind in a few areas, as mentioned above. If you are looking for a software that would be capable of meeting complex tax preparation demands, TaxWise might be a great option for you. However, if you cannot go without the features it lacks, you may want to consider another option. But before you make any choice, we recommend that you read as many TaxWise tax software reviews as possible to find out what previous and current users have to say about the software, and also download a TaxWise demo to try the software yourself.

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