How To Cover All Your Tax Business Needs With Drake Tax Software

How To Cover All Your Tax Business Needs With Drake Tax Software 300 251 admin

Drake Tax Software has been providing tax services and solutions that have been covering tax business needs since the late 1970s. In this article, we will discuss products and integrations offered by Drake, the software’s advantages/disadvantages, and how to use Drake income tax software integrations to boost your business and maximize your productivity.

Income Tax Software:
Drake income tax software features a simple user-interface that specializes in complex tax preparation needs.
– Advantages:
The software is easy-to-use; it has real-time process tracking features, scheduling tools, and a handful of integrations that make your tax preparation process easier.
– Disadvantages:
There is room for improvement when it comes to communication between tax preparers and taxpayers, which could be facilitated with a mobile application.

Drake Accounting Software:
Drake Accounting is an integration that is designed to help tax preparers manage taxpayers’ financial records more efficiently and accurately using double-entry accounting. It can be used to enter invoices, print vendor checks, and enter invoice information for accounting purposes. In our Drake Accounting reviews, we found out that there are several different modules used through this application of which Drake has optimized to be its most advanced integration yet.

SecureFile Pro:
SecureFile Pro is a web-based platform made by Drake Tax Software to allow tax preparers and taxpayers to exchange confidential documents securely. It can be accessed on virtually any device with an internet browser and does not require special requirements, since it is web-based. This tool can be time-saving and eco-friendly, since you won’t have to store or consume physical papers nor spend long periods of time printing or emailing return copies to taxpayers.

Drake Documents:
Drake Documents is an electronic filing tool for storing and accessing documents securely and easily. It protects files, passwords, and allows admins to track file activity.

GruntWorx is a Drake integration that saves time and money by eliminating and automating tedious tasks such as data-entry and manual document organization. This tool uses Optical Character Recognition data extraction technologies to make such tasks a breeze. While such tools usually come with a few compromised areas, accuracy being one of which; GruntWorx is supported by human review to make sure everything is one hundred percent accurate, so all you have to do is upload documents and let GruntWorx do the rest for you!

Drake E-Pay:
Drake E-Pay is a module that was developed by Drake Tax Software and EPS Financial to allow tax offices to collect fees via debit and credit cards. It is located on the software’s toolbar and can be used with just a click of a button. This tool allows tax offices to charge cards virtually using a physical card-reader, and it works with not only EPS Financial, but any bank product integrated with the software.

Bank Products:
Drake Software supports Bank product integration flawlessly, which comes with many benefits for tax-preparers and taxpayers alike. Using bank products with Drake allows your clients to pay your tax preparation fees from their refund, receive cash advances and allows tax businesses to apply for start-up loans to keep their businesses cash-positive during the season. If you are considering using Bank Products, you should compare different banks and what they offer. If you do not know where to start, our website can help you compare all the industry-leading bank products.

If you want to try the software before you make a final decision, you can get a Drake software download of a demo from our website as well. Good luck!