When Simplicity Meets Efficiency: CrossLink Tax Software

When Simplicity Meets Efficiency: CrossLink Tax Software 300 251 admin

CrossLink tax software has been trusted by thousands of tax businesses since the 1980s to this day. Such a success was not obtained overnight; but is a result of decades providing industry-leading services and the tendency to constantly develop the software to compete with other tax software giants. In this article, we will discuss the software in detail, as well as all the factors that garnered CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions the loyal client-base it has today.

What makes CrossLink a good option?
In our CrossLink tax software reviews, we find that it provides all the services any tax office would need to keep up with the competition:

  • User Interface:

CrossLink features a solid, easy-to-use interface that comprises three tax-preparation modes:
Form-based mode: Provides a mode where entry-fields resemble the form you would like to file.
Interview mode: Provides a mode that auto-populates forms based on your provided answers.
Estimator mode: Provides a mode that estimates the refund.

Also, unlike other software, you won’t have to manually find and correct errors while filing a tax return on your own. With the point-and-shoot error solving tool, any missing information and errors will be pointed out and you will be guided through the process of fixing them in no time. In other software products, a simple interface may sometimes be synonymous with lacking features; but in our CrossLink tax software reviews, we found that despite its simplicity, the software is not compromised in any area.

  • Third-party Gadget Support:

For high-volume offices, software support for third-party gadgets is not something to go without. CrossLink supports the following gadgets flawlessly:

Signature Pads: Devices that high-volume offices use to capture taxpayers’ signatures on an LCD touchpad, using a pen-type stylus. Once captured, the signature auto-populates on the taxpayer’s tax return signature fields.
Handheld Scanners: These gadgets are used by offices to import physical documents into their digital form, which can be edited and stored.
These paperless options will save your tax business a lot of money, time, and effort during the tax season.

  • Mobile Application and Remote Options:

If your clients are not tech-savvy or do not want to deal with mobile applications, you can capture their signatures and send them copies of their returns via the Remote Signature feature, which is a feature you can use to send signature capture requests to their smartphones; they simply click a link and submit their signature with a click of a button. If your clients have a basic understanding of how smartphones work, they can download a mobile app called TaxPass on their Android or iOS devices. This application allows them to send you their W-2 forms, enter their data manually, and send you all their information straight to your software, where you can instantly view their file and begin working on it. With such a feature, you will save time and effort, since you will no longer have to transcribe scanned PDFs sent via email.

  • Multi-location Support

In our CrossLink tax software reviews, we found out why thousands of growing tax offices switched to CrossLink after years of using other tax software products.  Put simply, most other software products do not support multi-location offices as seamlessly as CrossLink does. With CrossLink, you can operate your other office(s) with a feeder license; which is a license that allows you to run more than one office, customize accessibility, and have everything sent to the main office for review. You can also run each office on its own without having to receive returns to the main office. Whatever your choice is, you can have full control of how you want to customize access levels and more.

  • Bank Products

CrossLink works in perfect integration with bank products, which offer you and your clients countless benefits such as startup loans, debit cards, cash advances, and more. Our website can help you make a more informed choice by over-viewing and comparing bank products that work with each software.

We hope that after reading our CrossLink tax software review, you have become a more informed and confident buyer.  All that is left to do is to decide whether to buy the software from the main provider or a service bureau. Each avenue has its differences, which could be varying bank product fees, the upfront amount paid for the software, and more. After comparing offers, make sure you try the software yourself by getting a CrossLink tax software download of a demo, which can also be found on our website.