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Trusted Since The 1980s. TaxWise Tax Software Reviews

Trusted Since The 1980s. TaxWise Tax Software Reviews 300 251 admin

Wolters Kluwer® provides software and services to professionals in several different industries, including but not limited to: taxes, accounting, finance, and legal. For tax professionals, the company provides TaxWise professional tax software. Over the past 2 years, in our TaxWise tax software reviews, we find that TaxWise, although a user-friendly software, may not be the most suitable software for most tax offices. Let’s see why that is, while also keeping in mind that you can download a TaxWise tax software demo to test it out yourself.

Although TaxWise does deliver on providing an easy-to-use platform, it falls behind in other key areas; mainly in its innovation and keeping pace with technological advancements and modern demands. Our TaxWise software reviews this past couple of years identify where the software lags in comparison to the more advanced features found in other professional tax software.

Advanced hardware and time-saving application integrations are noticeably missing from TaxWise. Features that benefit both professional tax preparers and their clients, such as signature pads and document scanners have yet to be integrated and furnished by the software. The reason these features are so important is because of the time they save in the tax preparation process. Luckily, TaxWise has recently introduced a mobile app that taxpayers can use to send and sign their documents. However, we still believe that it’s important for serious software companies to include more advanced hardware integrations if their aim is for longevity. The tax preparation industry is constantly changing and software companies need to evolve to keep up with the competition.

In terms of simplicity, TaxWise professional tax software includes easy-to-use tools that have been tried and trusted for several years. Although basic in comparison to other top-ranked software, an example would be the TaxWise diagnostics tool. This tool simply allows tax preparers to find and correct any E-filing errors. Another tool worth mentioning is the “What if?” mode, capable of testing a variety of tax scenarios, useful to tax pros and their clients alike.

All in all, TaxWise is an easy to use software but lacks technological advancements that should be demanded by any tax office looking to grow. Time-management and client satisfaction are key to any office’s success, and the right tools can help. With that said, TaxWise definitely has a few areas that need tweaking in order to deliver a software that can compete this coming tax season.