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What You Need To Know About Drake Tax Software

What You Need To Know About Drake Tax Software 300 251 admin

Drake income tax software provides the functional tools needed for a tax office to run a successful season. Although there are areas for improvement, tax professionals have shown loyalty to Drake as they have become quite familiar with its features and tools. Let’s take a look at some of the features Drake provides in our Drake tax software review.

With the creation of Drake Accounting software, tax professionals can more accurately and quickly access and manage client financial records. In our Drake Accounting reviews, we’ve noticed that there are several different modules used through this application. Drake has optimized this part of the entire application to be its most advanced integration yet. Additionally, another useful feature that helps save tax professionals time on tedious tasks is Drake’s GruntWorx. This integration allows for the handling of documents and data entry in an organized and timely fashion that many professional tax preparers may find quite useful and easy to use.

In terms of file sharing and transferring documents between tax pros and their clients, Drake tax software has furnished SecureFile Pro. This is an online portal that allows for the quick and convenient access of documents, forms, and other pertinent taxpayer information. If you’ve ever used a cloud-type service/online storage, this is pretty much the same idea and quite simple to use. In terms of its benefits, the platform has a user-friendly interface that allows tax preparers to spend much less time collecting files and handling paperwork.

The last feature worth mentioning is Drake E-Pay. This payment module allows tax pros to collect fees from their clients with a simple click of a button located on the software’s toolbar to process any payment. There is no requirement to have a credit card reader, which can save tax offices some money, however, offices may choose to integrate one. Although Drake tax software provides functional software and integrations, it may seem a bit out-dated in comparison to other professional tax software. Drake could gain more customer loyalty by integrating a user-friendly mobile application for both tax pros and taxpayers, as this seems to be the going trend in the professional tax software market. The convenience of newer technology goes a long way with the more modern tax offices.