CrossLink Tax Software Reviews And What Makes It Reliable

CrossLink Tax Software Reviews And What Makes It Reliable 363 304 admin

CrossLink tax software has been providing professional solutions to tax preparers since the late 1980s.  Consistently evolving with taxpayer and tax preparer needs in mind, CrossLink has gained a strong foothold in the industry by providing original innovations that are both useful and easy-to-use.

The company’s taxpayer mobile application and ERO mobile application are both great examples of their dedication to equipping tax offices with the best the industry has to offer.  In our CrossLink tax software review, it is without a doubt that these applications greatly facilitate communications between tax offices and their clients.  More specifically, these apps have proven to save valuable time in the collection of tax forms and any pertinent information in the tax preparation process.

It is apparent that CrossLink tax software aims at simplifying the tax preparation process as much as possible.  In addition to furnishing user-friendly applications, our CrossLink tax software reviews have shown that the company offers more integrations that help cut downtime spent per client-interaction even further. The handheld scanner and signature pad offered by CrossLink are a must-have for high volume offices. Used together, these paperless solutions save offices time, money, and space. With these integrations, printing, copying, and maintaining physical files/forms are a thing of the past.

Another valuable feature appreciated in our CrossLink tax software reviews is the multi-office management platform.  For both mobile and growing offices, CrossLink professional tax solutions offers multi-tier licenses (feeders).  This multi-tier structure makes the management of multiple offices or multiple preparers simple and stress-free.  With all information collected by feeder licenses routed back to the main license, client information and form management is simpler than ever.  Also, tax office owners can rest assured knowing that authority guidelines for preparing and submitting are customizable by the main office.

Lastly, a great idea for any tax office thinking of switching to CrossLink is to test it out first via a CrossLink tax software download of a demo on our website. aims for tax professionals to have access to the most current and reliable professional tax software reviews.  Our website provides complete feature-ranked ratings of the best professional tax software on the market. With full reviews on each software, you can be confident in your choice of tax software for the coming season. Our website also rates the best bank products for tax professionals as well.