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Software Integrations For A More Efficient Tax Office

Software Integrations For A More Efficient Tax Office 363 304 admin

Simplicity, time, and money are 3 of the most important factors in running a successful tax office. By streamlining complex tasks and saving time wherever possible, tax offices only stand to benefit. With all of the technology available at our fingertips these days, we can more capably run our tax offices to be stronger and more efficient than ever before.

Several software companies out there offer great solutions to run a speedier and less costly tax preparation business. One company that stands out in terms of high-tech, comprehensive tax office solutions is CrossLink Tax Software.

Although it may sound surprising, outside of rent and employee compensation one of the major expenses for tax offices is printer ink and paper. With all the hard copy documents to store, photocopies, tax forms, and more, these expenses can really add up. CrossLink took advantage of this widespread inefficiency and turned it into an opportunity to really shine.

For tax offices willing to make the switch to a higher-tech software, below is a list of the most valued time & money-saving integrations offered by CrossLink.

  1. ERO Mobile App & Tax Payer Mobile App – Simplifies client-preparer communications, and speeds up information & document collection.
  2. Handheld Scanner – Speedier information retrieval to software storage that saves preparer time during client interview process.
  3. Signature Pad – Save money on copying, printing, and maintaining physical files/forms and other documents.
  4. Multi-Office Management Platform – With multi-tier licenses (feeders) tax professionals can more easily expand their business to other locations without the hassle of setting up new software, simplifying the management of multiple locations/tax preparers.

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